Top 10 Online MBA Degree Programs in Human Resources

Are you a working professional aspiring to climb the corporate ladder in the field of Human Resources (HR)? Do you dream of obtaining a prestigious Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, but find it challenging to balance your professional and personal commitments with traditional on-campus education?

If so, look no further! Online Human Resources MBA degree programs offer the perfect solution for individuals like you who seek to enhance their knowledge, skills, and career prospects in HR without compromising their existing commitments.


In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the exciting realm of online Human Resources MBA degree programs and uncover the multitude of benefits they bring to the table.

From the convenience and flexibility of online learning to the specialized curriculum tailored to the HR domain, we will navigate through the key aspects of these programs. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a transformative journey that can shape your future!

Advantages of Online Human Resources MBA Degree Programs

Flexibility for Busy Professionals

In the fast-paced world we live in, striking a balance between work, family, and education can be an uphill battle. However, online Human Resources MBA degree programs offer the flexibility you need to manage your professional and personal responsibilities effectively. By leveraging the power of technology, these programs allow you to access course materials, participate in discussions, and complete assignments from the comfort of your own home or office. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you have the freedom to choose when and where you study, enabling you to pursue your MBA without disrupting your current commitments.

Tailored Curriculum for HR Excellence

Human Resources is a dynamic and evolving field, requiring professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and practices. With online Human Resources MBA degree programs, you gain access to a specialized curriculum that hones your skills in HR management, organizational behavior, strategic planning, talent acquisition, employee relations, and more. The courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to tackle the complex challenges faced by HR professionals today. Additionally, many programs offer electives and concentration options, allowing you to delve deeper into specific areas of interest within HR.

Networking Opportunities

Building a strong professional network is crucial for career growth, and online Human Resources MBA degree programs offer ample opportunities to connect with fellow professionals in the field. Through virtual discussion forums, collaborative projects, and networking events organized by the programs, you can engage with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. These interactions not only foster meaningful relationships but also expose you to a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences, enriching your learning journey.

Interactive Learning Experience

Contrary to the misconception that online education is impersonal, online Human Resources MBA degree programs provide an engaging and interactive learning experience. With advancements in technology, virtual classrooms now incorporate live video lectures, interactive multimedia resources, and real-time discussions. You can actively participate in group activities, case studies, and simulations, gaining practical insights and sharpening your problem-solving skills. Furthermore, you can leverage various online collaboration tools to work seamlessly with classmates and faculty members, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Recognition and Accreditation

When choosing an online Human Resources MBA degree program, it is vital to ensure that the institution and program hold proper recognition and accreditation. Accreditation serves as an assurance of quality and validates the rigor and relevance of the curriculum. It also enhances the value of your degree in the eyes of employers and peers. Reputable accrediting bodies, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), evaluate and endorse online MBA programs that meet the highest standards of excellence.

In today’s market both novice and established companies and organizations increasingly seek managers who can help them gain an edge in the marketplace. Today, the market is more focused than ever on employee care, and the laws surrounding the human components that make corporations great. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or you’re seeking a career with an established Fortune 500, a leadership and human resources management degree combines foundational business theory with practical business implementation. Through the following programs you’ll build core competencies in marketing, labor laws, statistics, accounting, finance, and management, and then in many cases concentrate on the area where you want focus and truly make an impact in the lives of not just the employers but the employees. With an MBA in Human Resources Management you can expect to find a job as a human resources department manager, director of recruitment, compensations and benefits manager, human resources consultant and more. These programs are the most affordable, flexible, and have the highest quality courses with the best student supports- components that we believe are essential to successful online learning.


  • Affordability (1/3):
    • Average indebtedness of program graduates in the last calendar year.
    • Percentage of graduates who needed to take on student loan debt.
  • Support Services (1/3):
    • Online-specific flexibility, accessibility and support measures for online and non-traditional students
  • Quality Classes (1/3):
    • The average class size
    • The percentage of faculty with terminal degrees in their field

1. California State University Dominguez Hills

California State- Dominguez Hills is a public institution located in Carson, California: the South Bay region of Los Angeles. There are 14,635 students enrolled and the student-to-faculty ratio is 23:1. The student body represents a diverse community of learners from a wide range of race and religious backgrounds. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredits Dominguez Hills to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees and teaching certificates. There are nearly 50 bachelor’s degrees, and 25 master’s degrees as well as a wide variety of teacher certifications offered at CSDH. As a member of the California State University system, Dominguez Hills, has the resources to offer an impressive breadth of programming, including the likes of Africana Studies, fine arts, music, and business. Their online and Distance Learning programs is the largest distance learning program in the California State University System and offers 3 bachelor’s and 6 master’s degrees completely online.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management offered by California State University Domingez Hills places highly in our ranking due to its affordability and support services. Students who select to study an MBA online may select from one of 8 concentrations. The Human Resources Management concentration requires 33 credit hours and cost just $460 per credit hour. This online master’s degree focuses on the essentials of human resources management like job analysis, recruiting, selection, training and development as well as a class that focuses exclusively on compensation and benefits. You will learn how to design effective compensation plans and policies and also learn about laws regarding pay and benefits. The final core course is in strategic resource management like labor relations, legal issues as well as a global human resource perspective. This helps to provide the broader context for students of HR and developing HR managers. The student services that strongly support your online learning experience include a student portal, technical support as well as social and cultural growth career development and mental health services.

  • Homepage
  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $460

2. Columbia College of Missouri

Columbia College of Missouri is a private liberal arts and sciences college located in Columbia, Missouri. Founded in 1851, Columbia College has been educating students for over 150 years. There are 36 extended campuses in 13 states and Cuba. CC Missouri enrolls 16,299 students in their associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Despite their size, they are still able to offer a quality liberal arts level student-to-faculty ratio of just 8:1. Columbia College of Missouri is fully accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. There are an additional 29 degrees offered completely online. Over 5,500 students are currently enrolled in their online degree programs.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management offered by Columbia College of Missouri places highly in our ranking due to its affordability and high quality classes. According to Columbia College, this program offers a “balance of theory and practice” as the aim is to prepare working adults for a stronger future in the field of business. The program integrates core courses and foundational materials to be taken at the start of the course. We love the comprehensive education you receive that truly touches on the many facets of business in today’s global economy. Students enrolled in the MBA in Human Resources management will start with science for business, economics and finance as foundational courses and next focus on theory and practice as well as human resources management. Student finish with organizational training and development, compensation and benefits, as well as recruitment, selection and placement. There are 36 credit hours required to complete this program. This is our most affordable pick at just $395 per credit hour.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $395

3. University of North Alabama

The University of North Alabama is a public four-year university located in Florence, Alabama. Founded in 1830, UNA is the oldest four-year university in Alabama. There are 7,078 students enrolled who benefit from an average classroom size of 24 and a student-to-faculty ratio of just 17:1. Additionally, 80% of classes are taught by full-time faculty. U.S. News ranks the University of North Alabama is the 87th best college in the region and 34th top public school. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission accredits UNA to award bachelor’s, master’s, and education specialist degrees. Undergraduates may study everything from accounting to social work, and graduate students may select from a number of career-ready degrees in fields like education, nursing, criminal justice, and ESL. Their Distance Learning School offers 12 online degrees in fields like criminal justice, family studies, nursing, and business administration. Business degrees are accredited through the ACBSP International.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by the University of North Alabama places highly in our ranking due to its affordability and quality of classes. There are several concentrations to choose from, and the Human Resource Management program is designed to prepare individuals for the HR Assurance of Learning Certificate which is sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management: SHRM. This 34 credit hour degree program covers managerial finance, organizational behavior, decision theory, marketing, management and strategic HR planning. The cost per credit hour is one of our lowest at just $425 pre credit hour. For added flexibility, student may select a “choose your own path” that virtually allows individuals to build their own MBA by way of choosing 3 electives from the many areas of concentration.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $425

4. Johnson and Wales University

Johnson and Wales is a private institution with five campuses including their online campus. The largest and original campus is in Providence. The New England Association of Schools (a regional accreditor) accredits Johnson and Wales to offer undergraduate and graduate level programming. Originally founded in 1914 as a business college, today Johnson and Wales enrolls 9,454 students who study from 9 different academic schools and colleges: the college of arts and sciences, college of business, college of culinary arts, college of engineering and design, college of health and wellness, college of hospitality and management, the center for physician assistance studies, graduate studies, and the college of online education. A number of degrees offered are career-oriented and appropriate for both traditional and online learners. In fact, there are an additional 10,000 student enrolled through their online learning school. There are 12 fully online programs offered through their online school: 6 bachelor’s degrees and 6 master’s degrees in fields like culinary arts and food service management, criminal justice and business.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by Johnson and Wales University places highly in our ranking due to its flexibility and quality of classes. This highly flexible master’s degree may be completed in a little as 18 months and utilizes an 11-week course rotation. The curriculum is both theoretical as well as career-focused and truly lays a solid foundation for human resources management as well as provides you with industry-experiences faculty. Johnson and Wales uses experiential education and gives you opportunities for real world exposure. Some of the course highlights listed on their site include: business policy and strategy, strategic recruiting, retention and success, operations management, and labor and employee relations. We also like that this degree is comprehensive and includes courses like economics in the global economy, effective leadership, financial management, human resources management and finishes with a capstone career course. The credit requirements range between 54-63. Each course is 4.5 credits in length.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $463

5. Liberty University

Liberty University is a private nonprofit Christian University located in Lynchburg, Virginia. There are over 80,000 students enrolled at Liberty- the largest evangelical Christian university in the world. In fact, Liberty University is the largest nonprofit university in the world and offers over 245 distance learning degrees. Carnegie classifies Liberty University as a doctoral/research school. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (a regional accreditor) accredits Liberty University to award associate, bachelor’s, mater’s, specialist, and doctoral degree programs. As you may have guessed, the largest non-profit university in the world offers a huge range of degrees. Degrees offered include everything from accounting to zoology for undergraduates, and master’s degrees include unique fields like theology, divinity as well as cyber security. Online degrees offered are completely comprehensive and range from high school programs to doctoral to post doctorate and certificate programs.


The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by Liberty University places highly in our ranking due to its quality classes and student services. Liberty University does a fantastic job setting their students up for success with their academic support tools, graduate student affairs department and generous transfer policies. Students may also transfer in life experience for credit which alleviates the time to completion even further. This degree is 45 credit hours in length and is sequenced across 5 semesters. Each semester it is recommended that students complete 9 credit hours or three courses. The course of study includes classes in the global economic environment, in strategic marketing management, legal issues, organizational design and structure, international business and finishes with the Human Resources Cognate. The Human Resources Cognate will make up 12 of your credit hours including three set courses: workforce planning and employment, human resource development, compensation management and one elective.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $565

6. National University

National University is a private nonprofit institute located in La Jolla, California. Founded in 1971, National University is made up of the following schools and colleges: Business and Management; Education; Engineering and Technology; Health and Human Services; and Media and Communications; and the College of Letters and Sciences. There are 17,488 students enrolled who benefit from small classes and a student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredits National University to offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and certificates. Course material is relevant to traditional, non-traditional, and adult students and online there are over 35 degrees to choose from and 300 areas of concentration in fields like accounting, construction, creative writing, and business.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by National University places highly in our ranking due to its quality classes and affordability. National University has designed several MBA programs that give students an edge in today’s global market and is a leader in online business schools according to U.S. News . In fact, it has received a specialist accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). The Leadership and Human Resource Management concentration is one of four concentrations available online and focuses on marketing, statistic, accounting, finance, management as well as personal growth! Students who choose National University have the increased advantage of working with instructors as well as colleagues in the community and the workplace.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $416

7. Lynn University

Lynn University is a private institution founded in 1962 with a campus in Boca Raton, Florida. There are 2,693 students enrolled and though small, a wide range of offerings including 20 degrees at the undergraduate level as well as a number of graduate offerings. Lynn University offers a program called “Lynn 3.0” which is a fast-track degree program for undergraduates seeking to complete their degree in 3 years. According to The New York Times only 19 percent of full-time bachelor’s students are earning a bachelor’s degree in 4 years’ time. The average time is actually 6 years. Lynn 3.0 aims to correct this issue and additionally saves its students thousands of dollars on tuition rates. The average class size is below 20, and the student-to-faculty ratio 18:1. According to U.S. News Lynn University is ranked as the 91st best school in the south and 3rd most innovative school. It is also an Apple Distinguished school.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by Lynn University places highly in our ranking due to its quality classes and flexibility. Recognizing that business success comes through highly motivated and engaged employees, Lynn University has designed a program that meets the needs of individuals in today’s workforce. You will learn about collective bargaining, workplace safety and regulation compliance, how to manage payroll, communicate changes and new policy with staff, as well as ascertain driving engagement and motivation for employees. This specialization leans heavily on the importance of managing human resources, labor relations, and benefits and compensation management with particular attention to identifying employee needs and aligning those needs with the employer.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $725

8. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University is located in the rural town of Hays, Kansas and has an enrollment of 14,210 students. Though a large university, the student-to-faculty ratio is still high quality at 16:1. IT is the fastest-growing Kansas Board of Regents University. Over 8,000 students elect to study online throughout the virtual campus. Fort Hays has a partnership with their China campus so that more international students may access affordable tuition rates. The Higher Learning Commission accredits FHSU to offer programs from the associate to master’s level. The virtual college is unique in that it offers realistic flexibility in that you can take programming part time or full-time and take breaks during semesters when needed. We like that Fort Hays wants to set you up for a realistic online learning experience. Additionally, FHSU is one of our most affordable selections.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by Fort Hays State University places highly in our ranking due to its affordability and student resources. This degree program really hones some of the most crucial components for success in the human resources sector. These critical components include Human Resource Management, including an understanding of recruitment, selection, testing, and an examination of current laws. Additionally, candidates will have an opportunity to learn about labor markets and unions, testing, employment interviews, and the entire evaluation process. The training and development component is applicable to both small and large businesses and considers learning theory, objectives, and instructional methods. Finally, students will explore the job evaluation systems, merit pay plans, employee benefit systems as well as executive pay. The cost for this program is just $400 per credit hour, one of the most affordable of programs surveyed.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $400

9. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is a private non-profit university with more than 60,000 students, and is one of the fastest-growing institutions in the country. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredits SNHU to offer hundreds of associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and certificates. G.I. Jobs regularly recognizes its military-friendly status and the U.S. News ranks SNHU as the 101st best university in the region. Fast Company named Southern New Hampshire University the 12th most innovative organization in the world. Online degrees range from accounting to business to nursing. In fact, Southern New Hampshire University offers more than 50 specialized MBAs. All business degrees are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by Southern New Hampshire University places highly in our ranking due to its quality of classes and flexibility. Students at SNHU benefit from some of the most flexible course material out of all of our top picks. Candidates will be able to either completely pick and choose elective courses that comprise their 12-course program or choose to follow a set course for a specific concentration. To start, students will take foundational course material like mathematics and statistics for business, economics for business, human behavior in organizations as well as business law. Individuals are only required to complete one foundational course to enroll into core material. Core material includes marketing and strategy, leading in an organization, accounting and financial analysis, and business environment, innovations, and entrepreneurship. All students then elect from their MBA Core 2 programs which emphasize corporate culture, operations management, finance economics and decision making. MBA candidates all finish with a capstone experience. There are 30 MBA concentrations from which you may design your program!

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $627

10. Concordia University

Concordia University is a private Christian University located in Irvine, California. Established in 1976 as way to provide a Lutheran education to the Pacific Southwest, CUI is now home to a diverse student body though still emphasizes its Lutheran heritage through some programs. There are a total of 4,505 students enrolled and the student -to-faculty ratio is 18:1. The majority of classes have fewer than 20 students. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredits Concordia University Irvine to offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees as well as post-graduate certificates. According to U.S. News Concordia University is the 41st best college in the West and the 23rd best college for veterans. There are a vast range of degree programs available to students from acting and music to classical languages and more. Graduates may focus on business, coaching athletics education, theology, nursing, counseling among other programs. Online programs at Concordia Irvine add extra flexibility and also emphasize the importance of convenience and affordability.

The fully online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management offered by Concordia University places highly in our ranking due to its quality of classes and flexibility. The Concordia School of Business offers a MBA in Human Resource Management that is 42 credit hours in length. This program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education and aims to teach its students the essential components requires for a successful and meaningful career in human resources. The states goals and objectives of the program are the following: “knowledge of the law, in-depth understanding of types of health and life coverage, employee benefits, an ability to design and implement employee compensation, practical knowledge of conflict and dispute resolutions, understanding strategies for successful self management.” These objectives are met through a 15 credit hour core curriculum along with a 27 credit hour core curriculum that examines corporate finance, managerial economics, business foundations and more and also gives students the opportunity to engage with the human resource management material that looks at alternative dispute resolution, labor and employment law, fraud management and includes an internship.

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  • Estimated Out-of-state Tuition per Credit: $682

Online Human Resources MBA Degree Programs: FAQs

1. What are the admission requirements for online Human Resources MBA degree programs?

Admission requirements for online Human Resources MBA degree programs vary depending on the institution. However, common prerequisites may include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, a competitive GMAT or GRE score, letters of recommendation, a resume showcasing professional experience, and a statement of purpose outlining your goals and aspirations.

2. How long does it take to complete an online Human Resources MBA degree program?

The duration of online Human Resources MBA degree programs can vary depending on factors such as the program structure, course load, and individual pacing. On average, these programs can be completed in two to three years of part-time study, allowing you to progress at a pace that suits your schedule.

3. Can I pursue an online Human Resources MBA degree while working full-time?

Absolutely! One of the major advantages of online Human Resources MBA degree programs is the flexibility they offer, allowing you to continue working full-time while pursuing your degree. The online format enables you to balance your professional commitments with your studies, making it a feasible option for working professionals.

4. Will an online Human Resources MBA degree hold the same value as an on-campus degree?

Yes, an online Human Resources MBA degree holds the same value and credibility as an on-campus degree, provided it is obtained from an accredited institution. Employers recognize the rigor and dedication required to complete an online program, and many reputable institutions offer identical diplomas to online and on-campus graduates.

5. Can I specialize in a specific area of HR within an online Human Resources MBA degree program?

Yes, many online Human Resources MBA degree programs offer specializations or concentration options that allow you to focus on a specific area of HR. These specializations may include talent management, compensation and benefits, employee development, HR analytics, or labor relations, among others. Specializing in a specific area can enhance your expertise and career prospects within that domain.

6. What career opportunities are available after completing an online Human Resources MBA degree program?

An online Human Resources MBA degree opens up a world of exciting career opportunities in the HR field. Graduates can pursue roles such as HR manager, talent acquisition specialist, compensation and benefits manager, training and development manager, organizational development consultant, or HR business partner. The advanced knowledge and skills acquired through the program equip you to take on leadership positions and drive strategic HR initiatives within organizations.


Online Human Resources MBA degree programs offer a flexible, tailored, and comprehensive learning experience for aspiring HR professionals. By combining the convenience of online education with the depth of an MBA curriculum, these programs empower you to advance your career and make a significant impact in the dynamic world of Human Resources. So, seize the opportunity, embrace the power of technology, and embark on a transformative educational journey that will unlock doors of opportunity and propel you towards success in the field of HR. Remember, the future is yours to shape with an online Human Resources MBA degree program!


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