Who Does Frank Skit Recommend for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Frank Skit

Frank Skit is a personal injury lawyer on the rise. He’s in demand, effective and generous with his time. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this guy? But when you’re as connected as Frank, it may seem like everyone wants to be his friend. Except when he needs them most. Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dates an annoying waitress who later ends up dating every one of his friends as well?

Yeah, it’s like that. It’s not that Frank can’t find anyone who isn’t interested in being his friend for five minutes. It’s just that he meets so many people through the routine drudgery of running a business and interviewing prospective employees at the firm he shares with Kramer and Newman.

So even though he has the time and desire to get to know all these potential new pals — they don’t automatically have the same interest in him. There are two other lawyers from the firm — Kramer and Newman — who may think they want to be friends with Frank, but we all know they really don’t. He also doesn’t want to spend any more time than necessary with them either. So why would these guys make great recommendations for personal injury lawyers? Let’s see…

Who Are Kramer and Newman?

Kramer may have Frank’s best interests at heart, but he is always in a hurry. Frank can’t ever seem to get enough time with Kramer. He’s so busy that he routinely tries to blow off meetings with Frank, even if they are at Frank’s office at the firm. Frank’s partner, Newman, takes the opposite approach. He’s so slow that you’d think he’s got a monkey on his back or something.

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Frank regularly has to wait for Newman, who has a strange habit of showing up late to everything — including court. Kramer and Newman aren’t always at odds. They seem to have a natural chemistry that makes them good friends. But it’s not always easy for Frank to be friends with them.

What’s wrong with Kramer and Newman?

Frank can’t always rely on Kramer and Newman to be there when he needs them. For example, when his client, Rachel, was attacked in a parking garage, Frank wanted to hire a PI to investigate the incident. But Kramer and Newman said they couldn’t spare anyone because the firm was swamped with personal injury cases. Kramer and Newman are overloaded with work.

Frank is always complaining about how slow they are. People at the firm are always calling in sick. Frank doesn’t have any sick days and he never takes a vacation. He’s working all the time. He’s dealing with a bunch of unlikeable, lazy people at the firm. Frank’s got a lot of stress associated with his job. He’s always trying to figure out how to get more clients.

Why Does Frank Need a Recommendation for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Frank’s client, Rachel, needs a personal injury lawyer. Frank wants her to hire one of his friends at the firm — probably Kramer or Newman. But he’s not sure they can handle the case. He wants Rachel to hire a lawyer outside the firm. He’d like to recommend a specific lawyer to her, but he can’t just pick someone out of the blue. If he recommends someone he doesn’t know, he’ll look like a bad lawyer.

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Kramer would rather have one of his firm’s friends handle the case. He’s not worried about how good they are. He’s worried about getting the case so he can bill hours. Frank doesn’t want to recommend someone who will treat Rachel like a number. Kramer and Newman aren’t qualified to handle this case. Frank has to find someone outside the firm who can handle it. That’s going to take some time.

So, who does Frank recommend for a PI lawyer?

Frank can’t recommend one of his firm friends because he doesn’t know them well enough. He doesn’t want to recommend one of his friends outside of the firm, either. It would be too weird to just make a recommendation. Who would take advice from someone they don’t even know?

Frank knows the best way to get advice across is to do it while making people laugh. His usual suggestion is to try out different jokes on different friends and see what gets a good response. That’s where the Skit Brothers come in. Kramer and Newman already know and like the Skit Brothers. That’s why Frank is going to have them over to the office to do a live skit. He’ll use the skit to recommend a lawyer to Rachel.

Bottom line: Is this the end of the road for Frank and his search for a personal injury lawyer recommendation?

Frank is the master of the long con. He’s planted the seeds for this skit months before the Rachel incident. He’s asked friends to come in and do skits on various subjects—like what to do if you were ever attacked by a dog. He’s even been in a skit himself with the Skit Brothers. He’s spent months building his reputation as the guy who can pull off a skit.

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He’s made himself a fixture in the community so that people will come to him to get advice — even when they don’t know they need it. The skit itself is pretty simple. The Skit Brothers are walking down the street when they are attacked by a dog. They have to decide what to do next. One of the skits is to get a lawyer.

In the end, Frank can make a recommendation, while informing Rachel and her family at the same time. He’s found a trustworthy, hilarious lawyer who is willing to fight for them. He’s done all of that while managing his workload, keeping Kramer and Newman in line, and making sure the skit goes off without a hitch.

Frank does all of this while trying to keep his cool. He’s been operating under a lot of stress for a long time. Now that Rachel’s case is moving forward, the pressure is on to find the right lawyer. Unfortunately for Frank, none of his firm’s lawyers are appropriate for the job.

At this point, it’s clear that Frank needs a recommendation for a personal injury lawyer, and he needs one quickly. Luckily, Frank knows a skit when he sees one.

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