The most crucial Custom Battery Design Options

Custom Battery Design

The Custom Battery Design Solutions are multifunctional and can be used for different purposes to perfectly meet the vital requirements of a user. Moreover, the Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack is manufactured under strict standard conditions to render high consistency in electrochemical performance.

Availing more knowledge on Custom Battery Design Solutions online

No doubt, under the efficacious category of Custom Battery Design Solutions and Lithium Battery Industrial Applications online one could locate different kinds of battery options. These include Finance Equipment Battery, Back-Up Storage Battery, Consumer Electronics Device Battery, Industrial Battery, LifePO4 Aerial Work Platform Battery, Lithium Ion Telecom Tower Battery, Medical Devices Battery, Military Battery, Portable Power Station, Power Device Battery, Smart Home Battery, and last but not least Surveying Instrument Battery.

Nonetheless, even in the crucial range of applications of Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack, one can find unbeatable options like Lithium-ion Forklift Truck Battery, Lithium-ion Golf Cart Battery, Lithium-ion Home Energy Storage Battery, Lithium-ion Off-grid Solar Battery, Lithium-ion Utility-scale Energy Storage Battery, Lithium-ion Electric Boat Battery, Lithium-ion Floor Cleaning Machine Battery, Lithium-ion Wheelchair Battery, and more. The list is endless.

The know-how of Lithium Battery Industrial Applications

The Lithium Battery Industrial Applications are genuinely massive. This is essentially when the Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack of JB Battery is used. This eminent Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer with a 30,000 square feet warehouse and two huge battery assembly lines in Huizhou city, China, is a one-stop solution for all the needs of a Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack of customers from any part of the world.

This globally popular and trusted Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer is totally aware of the preferable power solutions for present-day’s portable equipment. They have manipulated their Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack in a manner that provides a higher energy density per unit volume as well as unit weight in relation to competitive Ni-based batteries.

Furthermore, the Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack of this unbeatable Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer is equipped with a higher voltage and lighter weight that significantly contributes to the weight reduction, downsizing, and simplified operations of countless electronic devices.

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As far as Lithium Battery Industrial Applications are concerned they are simply incomparable since they are assimilated with excellent features. They are capable of more than five hundred cycles, with nil memory effect, the Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack provides a total charge with each cycle.

Additionally, with novel prismatic and cylindrical form, there is a flat discharge voltage in the Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack which permits the production of stable power during their usage making them an optimal choice for the Lithium Battery Industrial Application.

How to contact the Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer online

The custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturer can be contacted swiftly, and safely via a single click on Their executives are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to assist their clients worldwide with issues pertaining generally to Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack and specifically on Custom Battery Design Solutions or Lithium Battery Industrial Applications.

Don’t let battery destroy your product design

As we know, there are many smart glasses (like VR glasses) on the market, and various functions. In order to detect the user’s physical condition, such as the step counter, heart rate calculator and analysis of sleep quality, etc., most of these devices are equipped with different types of sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes. In order to allow users to see virtual images through the glasses, they install the image projected devices on the glasses, which also requires lots of electricity to support.

Secondly, in order to meet the design and its functions, the battery should also be designed in different shapes to fill in the space of the product. Therefore, for battery manufacturers, customize the shape and size of the battery depends on their specific needs, and the precision of the sculptures is continuously improved. Therefore, breaking through the boundaries of existing products may not be impossible.

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We have received a request from a customer to tailor-made the battery for medical users. Due to the special functions and environmental conditions of their products, we provide the customization solution to them.


Why they need a customization solution, because the battery required conduct discharge high current in a short period in a low-temperature environment, the cold outdoor environment near -30 to 40°C. Also, the battery must allow continuous output at 12V at -40°C, achieved a few seconds of 2.5A discharge with the protection of a battery management system (BMS). The special requirement like that is cannot be met by existing battery products, so we need to work with engineers to tailor design this battery for them.

As we know, the battery performs in low-temperature will affect the discharge current and capacity, only a few kinds of batteries can be used in an extremely cold environment. Currently, most of the low-temperature battery products on the market can only be charged and discharged at about -20°C. Therefore, existing battery product’s specifications may not be able to conform to their products, and their sizes are also needed to customize, thus companies need to find a battery company that has the ability to produce the low temperature and high discharge cells for them.


At first, you might think that the price of a custom battery is higher, but it’s not entirely correct. There is various 3C product in the market, which have their own patent and design. Thus, the matching battery must be perfectly matched with the product. If there is a difference in shape or size, the company may have to adjust the design of the product to cater to the battery, thus modify or even redesign the product. In this way, the customized battery not only makes the product more versatile, but also increases the efficiency of launching new products and reduces the overall cost.

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In addition to the purchase cost, there are some additional costs before and after the sale, such as battery design, R&D, after-sales transportation costs, technical support, and maintenance warranty, etc., are included in the considerations.

Let say an international battery company, will cooperate with SME and local re-seller all over the world, which can closer to customer and provide support, so directly deliver batteries to customers is easier. It can be seen that the customization solution can reduce unnecessary costs from products and services, can concentrate resources on more competitive and valuable works.

If the purchased battery will be used for a long time, in terms of long-term cost, the life span of the battery, using cycle, the safety of storage, and the maintenance cost in the future should be considered in comparison with the cost of purchase.

Perhaps most of you have used or using lead-acid (LA) batteries. Lead-acid battery are mostly used in the field of energy storage due to its following features:

Suitable for high current discharge

The lower cost of materials thus the lower purchase cost, but its performance and life span are far less than lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. At the same size comparison, the LiFePO4 battery has more capacity, longer life span, either of high temperature and low temperature resistance, safety and environmentally friendly. Despite the higher upfront cost of LiFePO4 battery, but free of the maintenance cost, and cost of replacement.

Let say we compare the total cost of ownership battery, to three equivalent size off-the-shelf lead-acid battery technologies, in the long run, the average cycling cost of lithium iron phosphate battery is lower. And these savings msake it more valuable than lead-acid batteries, making them more suitable for long-term investments.

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