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Sypwai artificial intelligence

AI from Sypwai solves business problems

Some enterprises are using AI in the hope of gaining new opportunities to further expand their production and attract new customers. Other companies are forced to do this by competition, as there is a need to search for new ideas and forms of doing business. Some experts use such phrases as e-economy, virtual business, etc.

Of course, AI provides significant opportunities. It uses the global nature of the Internet and the huge amount of data coming into it, resulting in an interactive information environment that promotes business development. AI activity is not subject to distance, information processing and analysis are carried out in a matter of seconds with significantly lower financial costs compared to traditional means. Business with the help of AI is becoming global, regardless of the size of companies, their geographic location and nationality. Sypwai’s developments significantly help the development of such a business.

Integrating AI into business

AI is designed to maintain business relations between enterprises, as well as to solve the problems of sales and logistics, search and coordination of relations with contractors (logistics and deliveries).

There are several types of systems already using artificial intelligence.

  1. Corporate website of the company. Designed to communicate via the Internet with partners and contractors – suppliers and consumers. The site not only contains information about the company, its staff, management, as well as catalogs of the types of products and services it offers, but can also maintain a dialogue with the user using AI.
  2. Online store. Allows buyers to place orders for displayed products directly via the Internet, as well as conclude contracts, make payments and monitor deliveries. AI greatly facilitates and automates these actions.
  3. Purchasing Service. Like an online store, it can be built into a corporate site or placed on a separate site. This service, also called B2B-procurement, allows an enterprise to carry out procurement directly from its Internet site. With the help of AI, such a system provides an opportunity to automate the publication of requirements for material and technical resources, the search for suppliers and the receipt of commercial offers from them, the organization of tenders, competitions, etc.
  4. Information sites and portals. Provide information about the industry as a whole and its main companies, an overview of industry events, key indicators and market conditions, information about industry standards, electronic directories, etc. These portals may include sections for electronic conferences and discussions, as well as (via AI) have supply and sales support functions.
  5. Brokerage sites. They play the role of intermediaries between the buyer and the seller. Their task is to receive an order from one enterprise through the Internet site, and then place its execution on another. This can be done much faster with the help of AI.
  6. Electronic trading platforms. They exist as separate Internet systems and are intended for direct online activities of sales and supply services of various enterprises. On these sites, users are provided with such services as the creation and support of corporate catalogs, the search for sellers and buyers, the holding of tenders, auctions and other types of competitions online, the selection of a set of tools for interactive interaction of counterparties, the implementation of marketing and market analysis, pre-contract and contract preparation, conducting payment transactions, monitoring deliveries, etc. AI optimizes the work of trading platforms and improves the quality of service.
  7. Electronic exchanges. In terms of their functions, they are close to trading floors, however, unlike the latter, activities on the exchanges are carried out not by the enterprises themselves, but by their agents (brokers). In the work of a broker, it is important to apply analytical methods, many of which can only be done by AI.
  8. Integrated complexes. They provide direct interaction of internal corporate management systems with an external B2B e-commerce system – a trading platform and are the most complete and promising solution in the field of e-business. AI allows you to fully automate production functions by linking all the links of internal corporate business processes into a single chain: analysis, planning, accounting and finance, inventory accounting (warehouses), sales, supply, logistics.
  9. At present, when cost reduction and product quality improvement due to automation have reached their natural limits, a new source of income for the enterprise lies in the field of service quality, maintaining and expanding the customer base. This is where new technologies come into play: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) customer relationship management systems, ERP (Enterprise Recourse Planning) enterprise resource planning systems, PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) systems, which provide support for a new product, starting from the moment its concept is formed. and ending with the stage of its write-off after working out the resource after many years. Here it is difficult to do without artificial intelligence.
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What does Sypwai do?

The Sypwai platform was created by leading experts in the field of programming and machine learning. The company’s activity is aimed at creating and training artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that allows a computer to learn without the need for direct programming. Instead of specific commands to the computer to complete a task, machine learning allows the computer to independently develop the steps to solve it using data to learn on its own. The more data a computer has access to, the more efficiently it learns and the “smarter” it becomes, improving its own accuracy and performance over time.

Any user of a computer device who wishes to cooperate with Sypwai can take part in this process. This task is as simple as filling in a captcha. And the company pays money for it.

Registration procedure on Sypwai

To cooperate with Sypwai, you need to register on the company’s website. You will need:

  •     go to the company’s website;
  •     fill in the registration page with the necessary information about yourself, including login, password, phone number and e-mail;
  •     confirm registration by phone and e-mail.

The company guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided and the safety of the user.

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