Kaduna Train Attack: Terrorists Finally Makes Demand For The Release Of Their Abductees

Kaduna Train Attack: Terrorists Finally Makes Demand For The Release Of Their Abductees

Kaduna Train Attack: Terrorists Finally Makes Demand For The Release Of Their Abductees

There has been no word from the terrorists that ambushed the Kaduna-Abuja train on March 28, 2022, and abducted more than 100 Nigerians.

As previously stated, the terrorists, in a viral video released last week, demanded that the Nigerian government satisfy their demands, or else they will execute the kidnapped victims who were in their captivity.

According to the terrorists’ warning in the video, if the government does not comply with their requests, they would “transform their residence into an abattoir.”

Despite the fact that they were unable to specify what they wanted, the terrorists revealed that they were not wanting money and that the government already knew what they desired and should act quickly to satisfy their demands.

Earlier this week, the terrorists released a new video in which some of the prisoners can be heard pleading with the authorities to come to their aid.

In return for the release of the abducted victims, the terrorists have requested the release of 16 key commanders and sponsors who are now detained in government prison facilities.

The PUNCH has learned from a top security officer that the criminals assaulted the Kaduna-bound train in order to abduct passengers who could then be used to barter for the release of their leaders and sponsors who were detained at the time of the attack.

He said that the criminals have publicly stated their desire for a prisoner swap as part of their continuing discussions with the Nigerian government, according to him.

According to the security officer, the terrorists have sought the release of their senior commanders and supporters since their sources of finance have dwindled in recent months.

He said,

“The bandits have made contact (with the government) but the issue now involves the Interpol because they have international collaborators. Security operatives are working to identify their connection to Boko Haram.

“The bandits are after their people who are in custody. They are demanding the release of 16 sponsors and commanders in exchange for the abducted train passengers. That’s why they said in a video that the government knows what they want.

“We arrested some of their commanders and those sponsoring them in Dubai and Nigeria. We have about 16 commanders and sponsors in custody, so they are demanding their release because their sources of funding are declining. I hope the authorities would not release the commanders and sponsors to them because we are getting information on the bandits from the suspects.”

According to the security official, the terrorists attacked the train in order to draw the attention of the government and negotiate the release of their leaders and sponsors, among others.

He, on the other hand, said that the criminals’ threats to murder the hostages would not result in them receiving what they were asking from the government.

“If they kill their hostages, they would not achieve what they are looking for. The fact is that they are being starved of funds and that is why they are making the threat and it is also the reason for the attack on the train.

“They attacked the train just to get government attention and negotiate the release of their commanders and sponsors,” he said.

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