Do Cockroaches Make Noise

do cockroaches make noise

The possibility of a cockroach infestation can make anyone’s skin crawl. But, if you haven’t seen any scurrying around (or their droppings), how do you know if you have any in your home or business? Should you keep an ear out for strange noise? Is this a pest that produces none?

Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

The answer is both satisfying and unsettling at the same time: yes, cockroaches make noise. This is good news because you’ll be able to hear if you have a possible infestation by paying close attention. The thought of hearing cockroaches while trying to sleep at night, on the other hand, can be equally terrifying.

What Noises Do Cockroaches Make?

For the species of cockroach that do make noises, the most common noise you’ll hear is a loud chirping one. Chirping sounds can be made during ‘stridulation,’ which is the mating of these pests. This same noise can also be heard when cockroaches feel threatened (by each other or another pest). For homeowners with a large cockroach infestation, the more cockroaches there are, the more noises you’ll hear. Obviously, because more cockroaches will be capable of making noises, but also because they’re mostly made with the participation of other cockroaches.

Can Cockroaches Make Hissing Noises?

Many homeowners who come across cockroach infestations are told that these disease-harboring pests can make hissing noises. While this is true, it is a sound that is usually only made by the Madagascar hissing cockroach via breathing holes in its abdomen. This cockroach isn’t native to the United States, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t come face to face with a hissing cockroach.

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